Learn Turkish

Learn Turkish

Turkish (türkçe ( listen)) is the most widely spoken language of Turkic language family with about 70 million speakers mainly in Turkey and Cyprus. By number of native speakers Turkish is among 15 most widely spoken languages of the world. Turkish language is closely related to other more than 30 Turkic languages that means by knowing Turkish you will be able to communicate with people from the Balkans across Central Asia into northwestern China and southern Siberia.

Interesting facts about Turkish language

  • Turkish doesn’t use Arabic alphabet.

Many people by mistake think that Arabic alphabet is still used in Turkish. You will be happy to know that it is not true. In 1928 the Arabic alphabet was replaced by the Latin one.

  • Turkish is agglutinative language.

Grammatical functions are indicated by adding various suffixes to stems.

  • There is no grammatical gender.

Turkey is a beautiful country with ancient and beautiful culture. Don’t miss your chance to get to know the spirit of the East by learning its language in the USA (Manhattan, Long Island, Queens).

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